“I love your book!  It kept me up all night, and my only connections with Providence have been occasional visits over the years and ten years of driving through a couple of times a month between Storrs, CT and New Bedford… It’s a pleasure to read, heartening, with praise for the good actors and jabs, mostly gentle, for the bad ones. Just the right amount of detail: enough to be very useful, but well chosen and not too much. Things CAN get better, and your book will help keep it happening in Providence and begin the process elsewhere."

            --Bob Vinopal, Mansfield Center, CT

“Sat down and read the book cover-to-cover this weekend.  SUPERB!  You have done a marvelous job.  Naturally, I was fishing for weaknesses in argument and factual presentation, but found none. I was also seeking nuggets of wisdom and fresh insight. Found plenty.”

--Mark Motte, Director, Geography Program, Rhode Island College

“Transforming Providence deserves a place in the libraries of all who need or want to know about how Providence became the excellent city it is today.”

--David Brussat, former architecture critic for the Providence Journal, who for three decades produced a weekly column on design-related issues, and who continues to weigh in on design-related issues through his online blog Architecture Here and There.